Being a specialist garage, we know how to handle your cherished motor car on its journey. We have been in the business of looking after classics and sportscars for over 20 years.
We can cover any part of the UK, and are even willing to go to mainland Europe if required. Our transporters are equipped with sat-nav to ensure reliable and speedy transportation, and your vehicle will be loaded and transported to your destination in one journey.
Your car is always personally attended and Edinburgh Sportscars Transportation is flexible enough to meet all of your needs. Please note: the maximum allowable weight by law is 1.5 tonnes.
We are:
Fully insured
Very careful
We offer careful transportation of your car to and from anywhere in the UK.
Required information:
Make and model
Location and destination
Length and weight
For more information and pricing please call Andrew Doney on 0131 654 1613 or 0781 399 7489 or email Andrew.
Please visit the Edinburgh Sportscars website to see the Edinburgh area’s finest classic and sportscar workshop.
We handle:
New cars
Vintage cars